The Future of Shale Gas is International

Expect China’s big three energy companies to continue to invest in North American and Australian shale-gas operations.
Food & Water

Coming down from a Sugar High

Should individual investors be sweet on Brazil’s sugar industry?
Financial Infrastructure

Profit from the New Financial Landscape

Financial institutions in emerging markets benefit from a growing middle class as well as distrust of the Western banking system. Here's how to profit from these trends.
Defense & Aerospace

Defense: The Two Faces of Power

The concept of power is changing in military circles. Here's how to profit.
Advanced Materials

Cautious on Commodities

Although a slowdown in housing in China will be negative for commodities, the view here is that this will prove to be more a scare than an actual problem.
Advanced Materials

Asia and the Commodities Bull Market

The basic bullish story for commodities is simple: Strong economic growth in the emerging markets is driving surging global consumption of all sorts of natural resources. But the world is ill-equipped to meet that demand.